Note archive: September 10th, 2021

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As a member of The Long Now Foundation, I am absolutely disgusted by this. The environmental disaster of this “NFT-based crowdfunding model” is the antithesis of long-term thinking.

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That makes sense—svg isn’t a replaced element.

My gut feeling is that the download attribute would be handy on the img element (and other replaced elements too?) but I don’t have a use case to hand.

I shall ponder further.

Replying to a tweet from @jaffathecake

I know this isn’t the use case you’re asking about, but if download were available on the img element, would it makes sense to also make it available on inline SVGs? (I do have a use case I can share for that.)

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An alt-history space kick, you say? Are you reading @MaryRobinette’s Lady Astronaut series?

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