Note archive: January 22nd, 2022

Replying to a tweet from @slightlylate

Replying to a tweet from @slightlylate

Got it.

Kind of like how Chromium and Webkit are playing catch-up to Gecko’s leadership on subgrid.

(Let me know if there’s a tip jar for that so I can toss in a coin or two.)

Replying to a tweet from @yoavweiss

All those points apply to :focus-visible. And yet it’s “sad that Apple needs to pass the hat.”

Chromium and Webkit are sharing the same glass house when it comes to passing the hat. I’d be wary of stone-throwing.

Replying to a tweet from @slightlylate

I concur 100%.

But the precedent wasn’t set by Agalia and Apple. The precedent was set when the development community had to pay money so @YoavWeiss, who was independent, could implement the picture element in Blink.