Atomic. (thanks, @brad_frost) This sign made me hear Alan Partridge in my head. (and, by extension, @PaulRobertLloyd) Whiteboard sketches. Monday morning meeting. Porto. Bifana and beer. Time for a pastel da nata. Again. Seafood stew. Pork. Wagyu beef. Cheese plate. Dessert. The view. Beetroot. Eel and veal. Cod and cow. Cuttlefish. On the beach. Seafood rice. Goose barnacles. Top. Fish. End of the working week in Porto. Squid and shrimp. A tower of seafood courtesy of @TiagoPedras. Workshop artefacts. Markup. Sardines. This sandwich was delicious and I have no idea what was in it. I speak no Portuguese and the café owner spoke no English. Na Petiscos. Porto at night. In Porto’s Casa da Música for an orchestra-accompanied screening of the Peter Thiel biopic. Port and pastel de nata. Workshopping. At the Lusitana restaurant in the Matosinhos fish market, you choose your fish from a market stall and they grill it right then and there. 🐟 Mackerel. Little fish. Big fish. Tripas. Lunch break. Lulas. Good morning, Porto. Rowena, Jon, and James. Watching the ProPublicans. Tagliatelle bolognese. Subway. Ramen. 🍜 Gyoza. Central Park. Thataway. The remainder of the @Clearleft expedition to Manhattan. In retrospect, we may have resorted to cannibalism a little too quickly. Breughelesque. Taking the subway to Central Park with @RowenaKP to go build a snowman or whatever. Snowfall. Snowy day in Soho. The Django. Cocktails and jazz at The Django. Ursula! Wrapped in cloud. “I want this on a T-shirt!” says @JenSimmons. Getting an impromptu masterclass in CSS a Grid Layout from @JenSimmons. In a bar.