Checked in at trading post coffee roasters. Starting the day right. Liking the new lick of paint on the @Clearleft deck. Checked in at Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) (Flughafen München „Franz Josef Strauß“). One last taste of Germany before the flight home. Checked in at Homebrew Website Club Nürnberg. Demo time! Checked in at tollwerk Indie Web Lunch. Getting ready to kick off Indie Web Camp Nuremberg. Essigbrätlein. Getting ready to workshop. Rostbratwürste. Hallo Nürnberg. Indie Web Train. 🚅💻 All aboard the Indie Web Train from Düsseldorf to Nürnberg. Talk at @BTconf: done. ✅ 🍺 Shout out to Jon Postel in @PattyToland’s talk at @BTconf. Showtime. Fame at last. Tako yaki. Shout out to @lottejackson in @jina’s talk at @btconf. Culatello. Farfalle with Sussex beef ragu and rainbow chard. Steak tartare Oyster with pickled pine. Lamb rump. Rib of beef, and pork belly, together at last. Burning crusader. Grilled courgettes and cherry tomatoes. Feta and little gem salad. Roast chicken and garlic. Hacking time at Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf. Getting set up for Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf with @aaronpk. Contemplating the ocean. Goodnight. This book belongs to @scruffymongrel. Mad Max Fury Road in black and chrome in @DukeOfYorks was fantastic! What a grey! What a lovely grey! Making some performance tweaks to Clearleft wall-facers. In a front row seat with @GillSibthorpe at All Day Hey. Loving @AliceBartlett’s shadow puppet show at All Day Hey. Sampling. 💯 on Lighthouse for Today’s oyster. Batesy’s art board. Ed’s art board. James G’s art board. Jon’s art board. Friday drinks on a Thursday. I love it when a plan comes together. Hanging out with Lola. Letting sleeping dogs lie. Working. In the @AnEventApart green room with @kryshiggins, @vlh, and an excited @una. 🙂😀🤗😁 Nigiri.🍣 The CSS Squad. Wish you were here, @iamdanw. Microsoft just announced that CSS grid is in development for Edge so I just won a dollar from @chriscoyier. Sucker! Bloody Mary time with @drinkerthinker and @beep. Hello, Seattle. Mandolin played in the trenches. Whale aisle.