Hashbang URLs considered foul and unruly. Checked in at Small Bar. with Jessica Checked in at The Apple. Apple and rhubarb cider — with Jessica Checked in at The Colonnade Bar Beach beer. Cooling down. The Breakfast at Dishoom Club. Checked in at Dishoom. Breakfast — with Jessica Checked in at The Commercial Tavern. with Jessica Checked in at British Airways Galleries Lounge The floating head of @harrybr looms over CSS Day. Checked in at Compagnietheater Checked in at BeerTemple Everyone's talking about a new interface, but I’m not seeing any difference in my UI. Cooling down in Amsterdam after a day of Browser API talks ahead of tomorrow’s CSS Day. Checked in at Señor Buddha. with Jessica On the beach with a book and a beer. Checked in at Good Companions. Liquid lunch in the sun. Checked in at Franco Manca. Post-movie pizza. — with Jessica Impromptu date with @wordridden to see Wonder Woman. Grilling lamb. Checked in at O'Shio. with Jessica Summertime on a plate. And the weekend starts now. It’s been a long week. Checked in at Street Diner (Friday Street Food Market) Checked in at The Joker. Reading while I wait. Something something post-it notes. Aye, there’s the rub… Having a @beerleft Burly Wood on the beach to end the working week. Checked in at Street Diner (Friday Street Food Market). Steak sandwich. — with Jessica Checked in at The Joker. Wing night! — with Jessica Today’s oyster. On the beach with @Clearleft. Time machine. Checked in at Kapnikarea cafe. I hear a bouzouki. Checked in at Τράτα Good morning, Athens. Eating like the Greeks. Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation from @sonniesedge: razor-sharp thinking and bone-dry humour delivered straight from the heart. Checked in at Το Μπακαλομάγαζο. Having a late lunch. Checked in at Η Παράνγκα του Σωτήρη. Let the eating begin! 🇬🇷 Douglas Engelbart has a posse. It’s a nice day for an oyster on the beach. Today’s oyster. Checked in at trading post coffee roasters. Starting the day right. Liking the new lick of paint on the @Clearleft deck. Checked in at Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) (Flughafen München „Franz Josef Strauß“). One last taste of Germany before the flight home. Checked in at Homebrew Website Club Nürnberg. Demo time! Checked in at tollwerk Indie Web Lunch. Getting ready to kick off Indie Web Camp Nuremberg. Essigbrätlein. Getting ready to workshop. Rostbratwürste. Hallo Nürnberg. Indie Web Train. 🚅💻 All aboard the Indie Web Train from Düsseldorf to Nürnberg. Talk at @BTconf: done. ✅ 🍺 Shout out to Jon Postel in @PattyToland’s talk at @BTconf.