Salmon. The view from the venue. Having an excellent and inspiring time at the Material conference in Reykjavik. Fish Market. Exploring Iceland’s Golden Circle with @wordridden. ✅ Waterfalls ✅ Hot springs ✅ Arctic fox Arctic fox! Icelandic water. 🇮🇸 💦 Flowers of the volcano. 🌺 🌋 Checked in at Kerið. with Jessica Checked in at Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin). Hot springs — with Jessica Big waterfall. Little waterfall. Gullfoss. Checked in at Great Geysir (Stóri Geysir) Checked in at Laugarvatn. Hot pebbles. — with Jessica Waterfall. Þingvellir Checked in at Reykjavík Roasters. with Jessica I am a Leif on the wind. Brian and Jessica. Pastries. Checked in at Reykjavík Roasters. with Jessica Ballet on the croquet lawn. Charlie’s angels. Hanging out with the cool kids. Sunshine and gin punch. A beer, a book, and a bouzouki. Checked in at Carlito Burrito. Pork pibil tacos. Having a train beer with @gablaxian on the way to Cambridge. 🚂 🍻 Barley risotto with marinated feta. Checked in at Royal Festival Hall. Romeo and Juliet — with Jessica Checked in at Bala Baya Checked in at The Gentlemen Baristas. with Jessica Packing copies of @clagnut’s book. An exciting moment for @clagnut. Top. Men. So close, @huffduffer. So close. Making pasta. Pappardelle with courgette sauce. Chicken liver salad with leaves and radishes from the garden. Fabada Asturiana. Checked in at Clearleft HQ Toby is a good dog. Troll’s Fiery Breath and bolognese fries from @trollburger. Rib of beef with potatoes and broad bean, fennel and burrata. My outdated pop culture references are wasted on today’s bots. Bitcoin propaganda posters in Brighton. Checked in at Pelicano. Coffee and writing with Steph. End-of-week playback. Critiquing. Playback. My heroes @aboydleslie, @cassiecodes, @madebyzara, and @ambrwlsn90 getting ready to kick off another @CodebarBrighton. Sketches …sketches everywhere! “How was your trip to America, Jeremy?” ME: “I met a lovely dog!” Roasted butternut squash and red onion with tahini and red za’atar. Chard with tahini, yoghurt, and buttered pine nuts. If the local library switched to ISO-8601, it would help reduce my anxiety around overdue books. Beauties! Badass ballerinas! Checked in at Eastlake Craft Brewery. A flight before my flight.