Sampling. 💯 on Lighthouse for Today’s oyster. Batesy’s art board. Ed’s art board. James G’s art board. Jon’s art board. Friday drinks on a Thursday. I love it when a plan comes together. Hanging out with Lola. Letting sleeping dogs lie. Working. In the @AnEventApart green room with @kryshiggins, @vlh, and an excited @una. 🙂😀🤗😁 Nigiri.🍣 The CSS Squad. Wish you were here, @iamdanw. Microsoft just announced that CSS grid is in development for Edge so I just won a dollar from @chriscoyier. Sucker! Bloody Mary time with @drinkerthinker and @beep. Hello, Seattle. Mandolin played in the trenches. Whale aisle. Words of wisdom and truth from @MinaMarkham: “Reddit is a wasteland.” Loving @AnaBalica’s deep dive into HTTP. Great turnout for @AstroBrighton tonight. Today’s oyster on the beach. Indoor dirt farming at Sadlers Wells. Writing. This fills my heart with joy: Danish agency @shiftcph sent @allmarkedup a gift to thank him for all his hard work on @Frctl! Brighton Homebrew Website Club. If it’s Tuesday, it must be @CodebarBrighton. Card sorting. Listening to a rake of tunes in The Bugle on a Sunday afternoon. Shakshuka. Dimitri Mendeleev has a posse. Going through stuff in the attic, I found devices that have been made obsolete by my phone. Today’s oyster on the beach. Chirashi. Doing a table reading of @qwertykate’s sitcom pilot. The future. My hero @GinaTrapani totally outshirted me. Ramen. 🍜 Looking out at the triangle of 32 Avenue of the Americas, 60 Hudson, and 33 Thomas Street. Listening to @NataliaLKB talk about AMP at The Guardian. Watching @kosamari and @pbakaus kick off AMP Conf. “…” —33 Thomas Street, New York 33 Thomas Street. “UNDER SURVEILLANCE” —60 Hudson, New York 60 Hudson. “HEADQUARTERS The Western Union Telegraph Co. and telegraph capitol of the world 1930-1973” —60 Hudson, New York 32 Avenue Of The Americas. “Telephone wires and radio unite to make neighbors of nations” —32 Avenue Of The Americas, New York Dulli. New York hotel room. Hello, hydrant. Silent Running. Accessible HAL: audio output with text fallback. Lobster tail on orzo with a Parmesan crisp. A phalanx of swans. Ziggy. Brad and the beers.