Rib of beef, carrots, carrot-top chimichurri, and kale. Rifling through the vinyl in a hipster bar last week, I came across Uncle Alan. Seabass on spinach on chickpeas and chorizo. Having all the feels as @LotteJackson bids farewell to @Clearleft to begin a new adventure down under. Loving the instructions that @iambenwhite designed for the @clearleft coffee machine. Choucroute garnie. The roast chicken angel watches over its flock of side dishes. Having a delicious Nightfire burger from @trollburgerBN1. Homemade bagels. Another dark pattern for @harrybr. Chinscratching. Gathering of the ’lefties. Eating toast made from @Aizlewood’s sourdough bread. Lost in thought in front of the wall o’design. Seabass with five peppercorn butter sauce. The West Pier. Scrolling. Add to home screen. Ribeye. Nightfireburger. Bríg. To the lighthouse. Youghal. Christmas leftovers breakfast hash. Vera Rubin (1928-2016) John Glenn (1921-2016) Christmas dinner. Sprouts, trimmed and peeled. Shrimp, salmon, and crab salad with a pint of Murphy’s. Thursday night tunes in the Rob Roy. Cuskinny. Jessica in Ireland. Sleepy. Brunch. Drinking a beer made with hops from @anna_debenham’s garden. It’s lovely! I think @qwertykate outdid herself with her handmade Christmas cards this year. Getting in the mood for Rogue One with the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR mission—invigorating! (and only slightly queasy-making) 🎵 Everywhere you go, always take the web book with you… 🎵 Last @CodebarBrighton of the year in @TheSkiff. Morty! Testing. Made a small donation. Me at the start of 2016 vs me at the end of 2016. Lunch in the pub. Blissed out on Glühwein. Pappardelle with slow-cooked lamb, smoked aubergine, and ricotta salata. Homemade carpaccio. Getting a masterclass in strategic thinking from @boxman. My note-taking system could use some work. Winding down the week with cheese and wine at @Clearleft HQ. Organising @Clearleft’s open device lab, and adding some more devices (inspired by @slightlylate). Enraptured by Lysander Follet’s lunchtime talk at @Clearleft. Scribble is a good dog. Lamb neck. Homebrew Website Club Brighton. Pigs in blankets. 🐖 Learning all about coffee with the @Clearleft crew. Who’s got most of two thumbs and botched the assembly of Ikea drawers? I’m doin’ alright, gettin’ good grades… In the pub, having a nice pint of Dark Star and surreptitiously observing some tabletop gaming. Saw this beauty on Brighton seafront today.