Checked in at Hysan Place (希慎廣場). Chasing the dragon — with Jessica Fish balls noodles. Checked in at Second Draft. Nightcap — with Jessica Kowloonin’ around. Checked in at Kwan Yu Roasted Meat 君御燒味. Char-siu — with Jessica Making dumplings. Checked in at Café Corridor. with Jessica Workshop team 4. Workshop team 3. Workshop team 2. Workshop team 1. Thank you, workshoppers! Workshopping in Hong Kong. Checked in at Qantas First Class Lounge. Prepping for the flight to Hong Kong — with Jessica Checked in at Gypsy Espresso. with Jessica Sage iggs. Checked in at Wellington Airport (WLG). with Jessica Eating toast (and shakshouka). Checked in at Husk. with Jessica Checked in at Husk. with Jessica Checked in at St James Theatre. Webstock — with Jessica, Andy, Laura What a lovely audience! Waiting in the wings of @Webstock, getting ready to open the show—*gulp*! Laura and Jessica. Amazonian. Checked in at Floriditas. Clams! — with Jessica Checked in at Qantas First Class Lounge. Next stop: Wellington — with Jessica Checked in at Bills. with Jessica Had a lovely day hanging out with @lottejackson in Manly: boats, beach, beer and burgers. 🚤🏖🍻🍔 On a boat. Checked in at The Rusty Rabbit. Iggs — with Jessica Opera housing. Checked in at Bloodhound Espresso. with Jessica Nomad. Checked in at Golden Age Cinema & Bar. Colourfields — with Jessica Welcome to Sydney. 🥑 ☕️ Checked in at A Brewer's Tale Cafe. Just landed in Sydney; time for a flat white — with Jessica Checked in at 65 Peel (何蘭正). with Jessica Noodles. Jesseggette. 🥚# (In lieu of an actual waffle emoji, I’m resorting to an octothorpe, despite its namespace being entirely taken over by the “hashtag”—thanks, @ChrisMessina.) Hong Kong haze. Dumplings. Checked in at Common Ground. Coffee and copy edits ☕️ ✍️ — with Jessica Receding rooftops. Checked in at Gi Kee Restaurant 銖記海鮮酒家. with Jessica Battling jet lag. Dumplings. Dumplings. Checked in at Ding Dim 1968 (鼎點 1968). with Jessica Checked in at Common Ground. with Jessica Hello, Hong Kong. 🇭🇰 Beef brisket and prunes cooked in ale. I’m looking forward to hearing their talks. Checked in at China China. Dim sum — with Jessica My feelings on spreadsheet abuse have prompted an escalation in office trolling from my colleagues. Checked in at Kouzina. Yovetsi — with Jessica Checked in at Snowdrop Inn. Post-walk pint — with Richard, Jon, Graham Out and about with the @Clearleft crew. Checked in at Street Diner (Friday Street Food Market) Thinking back on when @clagnut and I met up with @textism. Goodbye, Dean.