Checked in at Novo Coffee. Getting some caffeine after a long transatlantic flight. Checked in at Brighton Bierhaus. with Jessica Pub lunch with nerds. Checked in at Pompoko. Post Ballet Boyz food — with Jessica Siiiip Checked in at The Bugle Inn. Playing some tunes Sirloin steak with thyme. 🥩 Shortly before sunset, I invited everyone in the @Clearleft office to down tools and join me in watching the murmuration of starlings over the West Pier. Checked in at The Open House. Welsh rarebit mac’n’cheese — with Jessica Checked in at O'Shio. Chirashi don — with Amber A note of appreciation. Eavesdropping on a sprint playback at @Clearleft. Secret Santa is going to be so easy this Christmas. Back in Cobh with @wordridden. Checked in at Sirius Arts Centre. Steve Cooney, Dermot Byrne, Trevor Hutchinson. Checked in at O'Shio. Hot pot for two — with Jessica Checked in at The Joker. Lunch break at FFConf. — with Graham It’s @beerleft o’clock. Sous-vide pork tenderloin stuffed with capers and herbs. Checked in at The Fiddler's Elbow. Tunes — with Jessica The dConstruct Audio Archive is now a Progressive Web App: Now you can enjoy those great talks offline! Checked in at Trollburger. The Hellfire! 🌶 Checked in at The Eagle. Enjoying the jigs’n’reels. — with Jessica Turning another website into a Progressive Web App. Pier beer. Checked in at Brighton Electric. It’s been a while since @SalterCane had a practice. Listening to @LeaVerou talk about learnability, and nodding my head in agreement so vigorously that I might do myself an injury. Checked in at RSA. Talkin’ ’bout the indie web. Met up with my pal Anthony, who I haven’t seen in about 15 years …and listened to him play some tunes, just like old times. Checked in at Barbican Centre. Listening to Cameron. This new @beerleft is good stuff! In the Ballardian Barbican. Checked in at Barbican Centre. Absolutely loved Julia Whitney’s talk at Leading Design. It’s like Christmas has come early with these goodies from @LauraKalbag and @RachelAndrew. Yo, @Aizlewood, check it! Checked in at Cafè Sant Pere. Nightcap — with Jessica Checked in at Mudanzas. Cerveza y fuet — with Jessica Tapas in El Xampanyet. Checked in at El Pintxo de Petrixol. Gildas and txakoli. — with Jessica Seafood stew. The telescope that first observed the atmosphere of Titan. A night at the observatory. Barcelona at night. Checked in at La Torna. with Jessica Boquerones! Checked in at Palau de la Música Catalana. Cerveza y jamon. — with Jessica Waiting in the wings to speak at Smashing Conf Barcelona. Checked in at Palau de la Música Catalana. Smashing Conf. Checked in at Le Cucine Mandarosso. Having a great lunchtime chat with Sarah. It’s @mrseaves in Barcelona. Checked in at Duque Brewpub. with Jessica Lisboa. Rooftops. The tiled background images of Lisbon. Wandering around Lisbon. Octopus salad. 🐙 Checked in at Fábrica Coffee Roasters. with Jessica Checked in at Manteigaria. with Jessica Checked in at Grapes & Bites. with Jessica Checked in at Duque Brewpub. with Jessica