Photos: October, 2014


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map Peeling and eating shrimp. Silhouette Clouds, reflected. Dune Sea oats Standing in the surf. Silver light On the beach Avocado margarita. The cool side of the temple. Bye, bye, Epcot. Geodesic Buckyball Dystopia Stay tuned …we’re building your future. Portal Drinking around the world. Travelling to Buckminster Fuller’s world of tomorrow. Spaceship Earth! I just saw my first ever rocket launch (from a distance). It was awesome. Listening to @ScottJehl talk about web thangs at An Event Apart. I approve. Raising a glass to HTML 5 becoming a W3C recommendation. The first flavour of markup to do so in 15 years. It’s tiki time! Jaimee is ready to rock Disney World. Tomorrowland This ride’s for @bradfrost. Spirehead Liz survived Space Mountain! Survivors of Space Mountain. Scott and bershon Ethan. Florida, terraformed. Beer flight Having lunch in the BA lounge at Gatwick, admiring @KyleBean’s work on the front of “Business Life” magazine. My ears are ringing after an evening with The Sadies—the hardest working band in rock’n’roll. Pie Japanese lunch Revived with green tea and karaage. Hirsch. Bottles. These whiskies. Entering Nürnberg’s old town. Pork on pumpkin. Feldsalat. Kaffee und Kucken. Food photography. Jessica is pleased with her plate of sausages and sauerkraut. Nürnberger Rostbratwürste mit Sauerkraut. Lecker! Jessica. Nürnberg. Accessible Mini Click photo show in @68MiddleSt. Wearing the lovely jumper that @wordridden made for me. Red book, green book. Thank you, @JasonSantaMaria, @Monteiro, @ABookApart. Chicharrones. I have no idea what I’m doing. Preparing for lift-off at one of New York’s nascent spaceports, looking forward to getting home. Inside Brooklyn Beta. Outside Brooklyn Beta. From first meeting @textfiles to drawing a line under our game of “Presentation Inception” at @BrooklynBeta yesterday: A Pictorial History… Shani gets schooled in shuffleboard. fsck, newly inked on @fehler’s arm. Over a decade on from sliding doors and the box-model hack: @stop and @t in Brooklyn. I was such a fanboy meeting David Lowery yesterday. “Key Lime Pie is the best album ever!” I may have blurted. David Lowery. Jenn and Jason. Geri and Simon. John Maeda. Landing. Take off. At San Francisco’s nascent spaceport preparing for a coast-to-coast jump to New York. Spinning up the FTL drive. Post-@ScienceHackDay relaxing with @NeilTyson’s Cosmos. Well, that was fun Dancing with dinosaurs and lasers! Science! Calculations. My science advisors @PlanetaryKeri and Nathan help figure out centrifugal force calculations for asteroid terraria. Space hacks on all the screens. Morning entertainment for science nerds. Putting the finishing touches to my @ScienceHackDay project. It’s @ArielWaldman kicking off @ScienceHackDay San Francisco. Arfon. Breakfast time for science nerds. Preparing for lift-off. Science Hack Day logos everywhere! In the Oval Office. Moon over the Bay Bridge. Hanging out at the Mozilla office with @t. Bow and bridge. Breakfast at @t’s. The Wheel of Avocado. Cooking with @t: ingredients for triangle eggs. Good morning, San Francisco. You’re looking nice today, iconic San Francisco street corner. Prepping for a coast-to-coast jump from Boston’s nascent spaceport to San Francisco for @ScienceHackDay. Spinning up the FTL drive. Bidding farewell to Providence after a most-excellent @ArtifactConf. A rainy day in Providence. Mobile strategy: “Add to Home Screen”.