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Monday, January 24th, 2022

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Alex, you seem to be saying that any criticism of Safari (even if it’s unwarranted and unrelated) is justified by the rendering engine monopoly on iOS.

That’s childish. It does your/our cause more harm than good.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

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Yeah, that gave me a squirmy feeling:


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Yes! Exactly!

That’s exactly how I felt when Yoav had a crowdfunding campaign to get picture in Blink and when Agalia had a crowdfunding campaign to get :focus-visible in Webkit.

Same energy.

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

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Jeremy Bantam, inventor of the panoptihen and founder of utiliteggianism.

Monday, January 10th, 2022

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Aaron, meet Matthew. dracos.co.uk


Matthew, Aaron. aaronparecki.com

Sunday, December 19th, 2021

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I think that IE10- and Safari6- can’t access The Session anyway because of TLS protocol mismatch, so ditching those polyfills shouldn’t cause any issues.


Friday, November 19th, 2021

This NFT-crypto-web3 shite really is the QAnon of the tech world—“Trust in the plan!”, “Wake up, sheeple—the mainstream media is lying to you”, “Do the research!” (except they hate it if you actually do the research).

Monday, November 15th, 2021

I wrote these words on this day in 2013, but they feel very 2021 to me:


Sunday, November 14th, 2021


Checked in at The Bugle Inn. Return of the session ☘️🎶🎻

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

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I like it!

Friday, November 5th, 2021

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Therein lies the problem. The “web folks”, the “search folks”, and the “advertising folks” are all working for the same company. If that company were broken up it would be better for all three products.

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Today is World Digital Preservation Day.


On a related note…

Here’s where you can donate to the Internet Archive:



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Thank you so much!

I published the transcript of my talk, The State Of The Web:


Here’s the video:


And here are the slides:


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

I sent my first tweet fifteen years ago.


It’s been downhill ever since.

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Reading Let It Go: My Extraordinary Story — From Refugee to Entrepreneur to Philanthropist by Dame Stephanie Shirley.

Buy this book

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

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Friday, September 10th, 2021

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Monday, September 6th, 2021

Schedule / Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) 23 September 2021

The annual day-long online accessibility event is back on September 23rd.

No sign-up. No registration. All sessions are streamed live and publicly on the Inclusive Design 24 YouTube channel.

Saturday, September 4th, 2021

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Picking blackberries with @wordridden.