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Monday, February 18th, 2008


A pleasant Saturday afternoon of tea and burlesque was followed by a pleasant Saturday evening of cocktails, conversation and Guitar Hero at Andy’s flatwarming party. The party went on rather late which meant that I didn’t get a very early start on Sunday. I did, however, manage to convince Ben, Patrick and Frances to stay down in Brighton instead of running off early for the last train back to London so now I’ve got some new rel="friend met colleague" values added to my bedroll.

I eventually roused myself enough to get up to London for the last few hours of Semantic Camp. There was a session on pimping your FOAF of which I understood nary a word, Glenn gave a great talk about parsing microformats and Premasagar demonstrated and discussed compund microformats.

But the highlight of the event was the latest creation of Jon Linklater-Johnson: Semantopoly. Imagine a game of Monopoly where all the pieces are Happy Webbies, all the properties are websites or technologies and the currency is friends rather than money. Twitterable remarks were flowing a-plenty:

Andy Clarke uses Cindy Li’s CSS and looses 450 friends. He has to take Safari AND Facebook offline to do it. Facebook is offline oh noes!

Ah, what larks! Nicely done, Jon. And nicely done, Tom for organising a most enjoyable Semantic Camp… even if I did miss most of it. I blame Andy’s l33t Margarita skillz.