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Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Brendan Dawes - Now Boarding

I love this project by Brendan—a kind of retroactive design fiction featuring boarding passes from airline travel referenced (but never seen) in films like Die Hard, The French Connection, and Pulp Fiction.

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Tickets for the last Responsive Day Out

When he was writing up the Clearleft weeknotes for last week, Jon described my activity thusly:

Jeremy—besides working alongside myself and Charlotte this week—has been scheming on Responsive Day Out, and he seems quite pleased with himself. Pretty sure I heard a sinister ‘my plans are coming together almost too well’-type laugh today.

Well, my dastardly schemes are working out perfectly. I’m ridiculously pleased to announce that Rosie Campbell and Aaron Gustafson have been added to the line up for Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint.

That means that as well as Rosie and Aaron, you’ll also hear from Zoe, Jake, Alice, Peter, Rachel, Ruth, Heydon, and Alla …and that’s not even the final line-up! There are still more speaker announcements to come, and if my scheming pays off, they’re going to be quite special.

I hope that you’ve already added June 19th (the date of the conference) to your calendar, but I’ve got another date for your diary: March 3rd. That’s when tickets will go on sale.

As with last year’s event—Responsive Day Out 2: The Squishening—tickets will be a measly £80 plus VAT (a total of £96). All those fantastic talks for less than a hundred squid.

So make sure you’re at the ready on 11am on Tuesday, the 3rd of March.

And then I’ll see you for a packed day of knowledge bomb dropping on Friday, the 19th of June.

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Tickets for dConstruct 2013

dConstruct tickets have been on sale for one month now. So far, so good. Three quarters of the tickets are already gone.

Now, every year I keep telling myself I should track how ticket sales went the year before so that I can tell whether this year’s sales are similar. So I had a look back at last year’s ticket sales on Eventbrite and it looks like it was pretty much exactly the same: one month after tickets went on sale, about 75% of them were gone.

There’s always a big, big spike on the day the tickets go on sale (somewhere between half and two thirds of all the tickets go on the first day), then a pretty big churn for the next couple of days after that, and then it settles down into a steady stream of a few tickets a day.

So if this year is following much the same trajectory as last year, how much time have you got left to grab a ticket? Well, last year’s event sold out just under a month before the conference. If the same holds true for this year, then you’ll still be able to get a ticket up until the first week of August—five or six weeks from now.

Of course now that I’ve said that, I’ve effectively changed the parameters of the experiment. If you know that tickets will be sold out in five or six weeks, you’ll be sure to get a ticket before then …and if enough people do that, then it will sell out in less than five or six weeks. BWAMP!

Anyway, my advice is to play it safe and get a ticket while you can. Seriously, don’t come crying to me in August if you still haven’t got your name down for what’s going to be a bloody brilliant day.

One thing though: I want to reiterate what I wrote last year:

But before you slap your virtual money down via the Herculean challenge of Google Checkout, let me reiterate what I wrote on the dConstruct website: dConstruct is not a conference of practical web design and development tutorials.

Obviously I want people to buy tickets for dConstruct, but I want to make sure that those people know what they’re going to get …and crucially, what they’re not going to get. This event isn’t for everybody. Yes, it’s entertaining, but it’s also challenging. And if you need to convince your boss that you’ll learn lots of useful, practical stuff …well, I’m sorry—it’s not that kind of conference. But you will have a great day and you will hear super-smart stuff from super-smart people.

It’s going to be good!

Monday, December 10th, 2012

More Responsive Day Out

Well, there’s been an overwhelming response to the Responsive Day Out. Tickets sold out in less than 24 hours! I guess that I’m not the only one who wants to spend a day listening to what these great designers and developers have to say about the challenges of responsive web design.

So I got in touch with the Corn Exchange to see if there was any way of fitting in some more seats. It turns out there is. So the capacity for the event has expanded a bit and some more tickets have gone on sale.

But if you want one, you’d better grab it fast.

Oh, and remember, if you work at a cool company that wants to have the undying gratitude of web designers and web developers, get in touch about sponsoring a pre- or post-event party.

Update: And that’s it. The extra tickets are now gone too.